Sangam Seva

‘Sangam’ is the confluence of rivers, of energies, a mingling of cultural currents,  interweaving streams of thought,  intersections of religious & spiritual pathways and partnership of economies.

‘Seva’ is work offered as service to those in need, also known as Karma Yoga.

Sangam Seva is a non-profit org based in NY, USA, which is being developed to assist funding and volunteer work for charity programs at SwAr Ashram (fb) in rural India, in compliance with FCRA registration for NIWS, its managing NGO.  Focused on Yoga, Computer & English education, these programs will provide upliftment of girls and young women as well as all local under-served youth.

In the photo, SwAr Ashram (map) is the small square light blue door at the far end of the fort located on Narmada Ghat.

Amma Niradhara’s voluntary work is based at SwAr Ashram where she is Managing Director and includes Yoga education, English & Computer coaching, and providing  SwAr Ashram’s Advaitic Interfaith Library including the only open internet access in town.  The existing programs are made possible by her full time living at the Ashram, making it her home, teaching Yoga to tourists (insta) for Ashram income, and so therefore keeping the property cared for and open for the provision and supervision of free Yoga, Computer & English programs.   She has further developed some new programs to assist her students in the next phases of life which will need funding.  For these purposes we appreciate your support of Sangam Seva.